There and back again: a Columbus New Year

Sometimes you just need to mix up your New Year’s Eve routine…

Fun things to do in Columbus, Ohio over the New Year’s holiday:

  • Get over it. (‘it’ being your Christmas oranges going in the border guard’s garbage because you failed to eat or peel them before leaving Canada)
  • Beat the line-up at the Angola Subway.
  • Drive through crappy Pennsylvania weather to get there.
  • Eat a vegan hotdog with a side of broccoli and a local beer at Dirty Frank’s.
  • Play Centipede at 16-Bit Bar+Arcade.
  • Order the “good” bourbon from room service. (and don’t look at the bill)
  • Watch the end and then the beginning of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • Consume the Vegan Club from Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen.
  • Visit the Columbus Museum of Art.  Special mentions: the Beyond Impressionism exhibition, the Laura Park comics residency, the Lego model of Columbus, the charming staff, and the toddler who really wanted a hands-on encounter with the massive Chihuly piece on the second floor.
  • Nap.
  • Have the sweet restaurant host find you a table.
  • Reach a consensus that Nazis are way worse than nu metal.
  • Forget to order the vegan brownie. (okay, maybe not so fun)
  • Refuse to believe Express Live‘s bag policy but work things out with the kind staff.
  • Ask the bartender to take a Canadian dollar instead of 50 cents US.
  • Find out you’re standing beside two other Hamiltonians.

ROCK OUT to The Obsessed, Devin Townsend Project and Clutch!!! 

  • Snag a cab immediately.
  • Forget to check out the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue before leaving town.
  • Discover that sometimes winter driving in Ohio weather is as sh*tty as it is in Pennsylvania.
  • Do all of the above with two of the most awesome people.

Happy new year!

(p.s.: Is there a war on tea in Ohio?)

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